~$668 Return Sydney to Tokyo Cathay Pacific in October 18

Price: ~$668

Airline: Cathay Pacific

Play time: 13 days. Arrive 9:35pm on Thur 18th Oct. Leave Wed 2:20pm Link

Worth It O Meter: 8/10.  This is one of the best deals I’ve seen going to Japan on a Tier 1 carrier.

Best bang for buck dates. 

  • (Best use of time) $667 Thurs 18th Oct to 31st Oct on this flight
  • (Cheapest with Cathay Pacific) $646 Thurs 18th Oct to 31st Oct on  this flight or click around other options here especially if you want a combo that allows you to spend 2 days in Hong Kong as part of the layover.
  • (Cheapest) $613 with Malaysian Airlines on this flight  Personally I’d pay the extra $50 for Cathay because I like their food better.

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