Cheap airfares on the weekend

I wanted to get more out of my weekends by doing more travel.

I wasn’t too fussed where I went so long as the flight was:

  • Cheap. Aiming for ~$600AUD or less return
  • Flights were around the weekend like Thurs-Sun, Fri-Mon, Sat-Tue etc.
  • Flying time didn’t eat into exploring time. This means either short direct flights or overnight flights (but only on the way there)

This meant I could take just 2 days off and get a proper 4 days of exploring. It can be done, check out my post on 72 Hours in Samoa

I searched deal sites but I couldn’t find weekend deals. Sites¬†like SecretFlying helped but they were more geared towards 2 week holidays (who has that much leave!)

So I began searching myself through SkyScanner, Google Flights and Momondo to find weekend deals like this one: $500 return to Ho Chi Minh City leaving Friday morning, returning Monday night.

Soon friends wanted to know about these deals too. I figured if I could help other people by sharing these deals, and eventually receive some commission to top up my travel kitty money then why not. (Rest assured, I will always post the best flights regardless of commissions!)

So I created Go Here Instead to share weekend flight deals.


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